Inheriting German quality, kroneseder forces China to upgrade again

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In 2014, Premier Li Keqiang and German Chancellor Merkel jointly announced that China and Germany will carry out "Industry 4.0" cooperation. It is worth noting that the enterprise's "industrialization and informatization (industrialization and informatization) integration" plan corresponding to the concept of "Industry 4.0" will be promoted at a faster speed, and China will have more "smart factories" in the future. In particular, in recent years, representatives of the political, business and academic circles of China and Germany have also carried out exchanges and discussions on four topics, namely, the "the Belt and Road" cooperation with China and Germany, China Europe cooperation, the challenges and opportunities of China Germany cooperation in trade, finance, logistics, customs clearance facilitation and other fields, modern industry 4.0 and energy conservation and environmental protection, urbanization and green tourism, as well as international and legal business environment, and China Germany cooperation on industrial technology upgrading Negotiate new opportunities and new projects for cooperation in specific areas such as ecological protection, efficient use of resources, medical and health care.
Coside is a high-end brand lubricant from Germany, and has always been a technological pioneer in the lubricant industry. There are more than 20 scientific researchers and more than 100 technical engineers specialized in the research and development of lubricants, serving various German manufacturing enterprises. Coside represents a strong, durable and exquisite "Made in Germany" nameplate, which is a guarantee of high quality.
Coside (China) Co., Ltd. and Coside (Xiamen) Investment Co., Ltd. will introduce high-quality Coside lubricants into China to promote the upgrading of Chinese manufacturing. In the context of the "the Belt and Road", Coside has been favored and recognized by some manufacturing enterprises in Chinese Mainland. Coside will inherit the spirit of "German quality" into China's manufacturing industry, which will surely make China's manufacturing upgrade again.

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