The lubricant industry holds hands with 3G mobile internet and has a bright future

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The development of the lubricating oil industry is greatly different from many other scientific and technological industries. It is an industry that integrates high-tech and advanced management concepts, and involves the overall stability of society. According to the survey data of this year, the development of domestic lubricating oil industry has been in a continuous and stable stage from beginning to end. The overall prospect of domestic lubricating oil industry from 2010 to 2014 is very good, which can be seen from the forecast report.
Since Deng Xiaoping put forward the policy of reform and opening up, it has brought earth-shaking innovation to the whole domestic lubricating oil industry, and the economic growth rate of the whole industry has also exceeded the gross domestic product, rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing industries nearly ten years ago. Industry expert Jing Xia pointed out that:; "Now, China has a complete industrial base, and the production and application of lubricating oil have penetrated into many fields. Under the good prospect, the domestic lubricating oil industry is facing the competition of many large multinational enterprises. Large multinational and joint ventures have many technical and financial advantages, and are looking forward to opening the domestic lubricating oil sales door in a short time. The domestic lubricating oil industry has also quickly opened up countermeasures, in addition to In addition to broadening the original circulation channels and increasing the number of self-supporting points across the country, we have also begun to test the 3G mobile internet industry, with a view to achieving a win-win situation between lubricant production and sales enterprises and mobile internet. ".

Industry experts also said that at present, the lubricant industry has made remarkable achievements with the help of mobile internet, which is due to the huge domestic smartphone market. Jing Xia, who has been mainly engaged in the sales of imported and exported foods, has now started to invest in the Internet and has created the "China Lubricants" APP client, pointed out that China has become the largest smartphone market in the world over the United States as early as two years ago. The holding rate of mobile phones has far exceeded the holding rate of computers, which also gives the lubricant industry a taste of sweetness in the cooperation with 3G mobile Internet, And this advantage is still growing.
By the end of 2013, the number of mobile phones held by users in China has exceeded 500 million. In other words, in the cooperation between the lubricant industry and 3G mobile internet, the target audience of the whole industry has expanded by 500 million, which is an efficiency that no media can match.
Now, the emergence of a large number of APP clients such as "China Lubricants" has injected new blood into the development of the entire lubricant industry. Driven by the trend of 3G mobile internet, it has rapidly entered the mobile phones of thousands of households. The purchase of lubricating oil products only needs to touch the mobile phone to obtain complete information, which enables consumers to find the products they think of in the shortest time. In addition, most lubricating oil enterprises have reached an online purchase agreement with 3G mobile internet. After checking relevant information, consumers can complete the order without leaving home and promote sales.

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