kroneseder Lubricant signed cooperation with Shanghai Longgong

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Recently, Coside Lubricant and Shanghai Longgong officially reached a cooperation intention, and the two sides had in-depth discussions on the oil used for supporting construction machinery. The chief engineer of Shanghai Longgong said that Coside Lubricant accurately understood the needs of customers, helped customers reduce operating costs, and provided complete lubrication solutions, and praised Coside Lubricant.
Coside, founded in Mannheim, an important industrial town in Germany in 1948, has been a technological pioneer in the energy industry. There are more than 20 scientific researchers and more than 100 technical engineers specialized in the research and development of lubricating oil, focusing on the design and coordination of lubricating oil product portfolio and related technical services.
For decades, Coside has created and produced four series of products, including metalworking lubricating oil, special synthetic lubricating oil, special synthetic lubricating grease, industrial lubricating grease and industrial equipment lubricating oil. There are hundreds of lubricating products, which can be used in many fields such as electric power, steel, chemical industry, glass, paper making, textile, cement mine, compressor, metal processing, etc.
Today's Coside rapidly innovates and adapts to the needs of the market, relying on the advantages of discovering and meeting the needs of customers, gathering resources to create the management concept of key competitiveness, and constantly develops the world's top lubricating oil products, so that all lubricating products have real meaning.

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