Heavy oil contaminated hand sanitizer

Product features:

This product uses degreased friction particles, deionized water, active agent, etc., gently rub the hands to make the oil and dirt decompose naturally and then flush.

Scope of application:

Heavy greasy hand sanitizer for workers in automobile maintenance, mining, machinery manufacturing and other industries.


usage method:

Before use, shake evenly according to the degree of oil stain on the hand, take an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer, wipe the palm with the palm to the back of the hand, wipe each other along the finger gap, palm to palm, wipe each other with the fingers crossed, hold the other thumb with one hand, rotate and rub, bend each finger joint to rub on the other palm, and finally rinse with clean water.

matters needing attention:

In case of eye contact, please rinse with plenty of water. In case of accidental ingestion, please see a doctor immediately.

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