Multi purpose odor removing fresh spray

Product features:

The imported natural plant extract with flavonol and other ingredients rich in deodorization can effectively absorb and remove the odor of new cars, smoke in the car, sweat, mildew, hot pot, home paint, household garbage, pet area and other odors. After use, it will be fresh and comfortable.


Scope of application:

The freshness in the car and in the bathroom, pet area, closet, basement and other homes can eliminate the odor.

usage method:

The vertical bottle body is about 15cm away. It can be sprayed directly and evenly on the surface of the car, home and clothing, and then dried naturally.


matters needing attention:

1. Keep this product out of the reach of children and pets;

2. If it is accidentally sprayed into the eyes, please immediately wash it with plenty of water and seek medical advice quickly;

3.Use and store away from fire.

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