Crystal polishing wax

High-quality automobile wax refined with innovative technology and imported raw materials; Super strong ion adsorption and lasting gloss protection, selected Brazil palm wax and super absorbent polishing protection components, can ensure the safety protection of car paint, is a high-quality super car coating wax; It can effectively remove the dull color, extremely fine scratches, scale stains, etc. of the car paint caused by car washing, and make the rough car paint surface smooth, extremely transparent and deep gloss; After use, a dense protective layer is formed on the surface of the car paint, which can effectively resist the damage of acid rain and ultraviolet rays on the car paint. The protective layer with strong ion adsorption can protect the paint surface for a long time and delay aging! This product can quickly decontaminate and completely remove the stains on the car paint surface. It also integrates the multiple effects of polishing, protection, waterproof, anti-oxidation, etc. After use, it can form a fine protective film on the car paint surface for a long time, resist the damage of ultraviolet light on the car paint, and become more crystal clear!

usage method:

1. Wash and dry the car body with clean water before use;

2. Dip this product with a sponge, and evenly finish the whole body paint in one time with the circular winding method to form a thin layer of wax;

3. After slightly drying, gently wipe and polish with a clean soft towel until satisfied.



matters needing attention:

1. Do not use the car body in hot or strong sunlight;

2. Do not use the uncoated black resin anti-collision device, glass and rubber products;

3. It should be used as soon as possible after being opened to avoid the effect of storage for too long;

4. Please store this product in a cool and ventilated place;

5. This product is not edible. Please store it in a place that is out of reach of minors!

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