Synthetic high-temperature grease KSD185G

Kroneseder synthetic high temperature grease KSD185G is developed to meet the harsh working environment of modern industrial equipment. It is a wide temperature waterproof grease made of high-quality pure synthetic base oil and special additives. It has excellent wide temperature performance, rain-proof, water-proof and washout performance, acid-base resistance, and chemical resistance.

Product advantages

Excellent scale inhibition, corrosion resistance and lubricity;

Excellent water tightness and long service life;

Good anti-wear performance, effective protection of mechanical equipment;

It can be washed by water vapor, chemical medium and liquid medicine, and has good compatibility with plastic and rubber, with long lubrication cycle;

Good wide temperature performance, the consistency changes little with temperature, and will not melt and flow out when used.

Product application

Coside synthetic high temperature lubricating grease KSD185G is applied to the bearing lubrication of industrial equipment in the harsh working environment, such as the bearing lubrication of ladle turntable, mold, sector section roller table, tension leveler, swing shear and conveying roller of metallurgical continuous casting equipment, and the bearing lubrication of continuous rolling mill and other high temperature and heavy load equipment and other friction parts.

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