Advanced anti-wear hydraulic oil KHG68

Kroneseder Advanced Hydraulic Oil

Advanced anti-wear hydraulic oil KHG series is a multi-purpose anti-wear hydraulic oil carefully blended with refined base oil and special additives. It has high oxidation stability, excellent water separation performance and foam inhibition performance, excellent wear resistance and corrosion and rust prevention performance. Applied to high pressure hydraulic transmission system with strict environmental protection requirements.

Product advantage

Excellent wear resistance, prolong the service life of hydraulic pump and system;

Excellent antioxidant, anti-aging properties, prolong the oil change cycle;

Excellent water separation performance, complete separation from water in a short time;

Excellent bubble resistance and air release performance.

Product application

Corside Advanced anti-wear hydraulic oil KHG series is used in general industrial hydraulic transmission systems requiring anti-wear protection, such as injection molding machines, die casting machines, machine tools, textile machinery, etc. It can also be used in light load gear, different speed parts and bearings.

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